The Council

Parliament stone (at Longcombe)

Traditionally the business of the Council is communicated to Parishioners through the notice boards by the Square at the centre of the village and in Dukes Road, Weston in Bridgetown. This website will now provide a greater opportunity for such communications, where you can find copies of recent minutes and agendas together with other news and information. The agendas for meetings are published a minimum of three clear days before the meetings, which are held at 7.15pm every first Thursday of the month except in September. The venue will try to alternate between the Berry Pomeroy Village Hall and Weston Community Hall in Bridgetown. Devon County Councillors and South Hams District Councillors who represent the Parish are usually present as well as the 6 Parish councillors.

Members of the public, and press, are welcome to observe the Council and to contribute before the meeting starts. The public cannot participate once the meeting proper has started unless standing orders are suspended.

Each year, usually in May, there is an Annual Meeting of the Parish and the Annual Parish Council Meeting. At the Annual Parish Meeting, the Chairman reports on the year past and looks forward to the future. The Accounts summary is also presented. Parishioners are able to voice their opinions or concerns during the meeting, and there is sometimes a guest speaker.