Neighbourhood Plan

Berry Pomeroy Parish Council is in the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan. This is the mechanism whereby local communities can help decide what development should take place and where within the parish. In the light of the relaxation of planning regulations and the government’s presumption in favour of development, it is perhaps the only check there may be on unrestricted development. Once in place it is quite a powerful tool, but the process of creating the plan is quite involved. It includes seeking the views of the local parishioners and to this end all parishioners have been given the opportunity to contribute towards the plan through a questionnaire. (NEED QUESTIONNAIRE)

There have recently been two drop in sessions at which parishioners have been able to voice their views and the results are recorded. There is a Neighbourhood Planning Working Party made up of Councillors and parishioners if anyone wishes to join this team please contact the clerk. Further comments on the Plan can be made directly to the clerk if you wish. In due course the draft conclusions of the Working Party will be published and a further round of consultation will take place. Once approved locally, the Plan will be scrutinised by an outside inspector and if successful a final referendum will be held to adopt the Plan.

Questionnaire survey results summary :-

1. Housing and development.

a) Village residents

  • Need to conserve the local views and character of this area of outstanding natural beauty.
  • A small number of affordable and self-build homes would be beneficial but not within the central village area.
  • Any development should be in keeping with the aesthetics of the area.
  • Beware of second home occupancy.

b) Bridgetown Residents

  • The area is at saturation point especially around Dukes Road.
  • A housing needs survey is needed to determine the scale of any further development e.g. affordable?

2. Transport and Movement.

a) Village Residents

  • Enforce the speed restrictions (speed camera).
  • Pavements should be improved, especially near the school and from the Village to Totnes, to make pedestrians safer.
  • Need designated cycle route from Village to Totnes.
  • Improve the bus service.
  • Make right turn from Paignton to village at True Street NO right turn.
  • Create footpath on Berry Pomeroy School side of Marldon Road towards Berry Pomeroy Castle lane (along hedge line, inside field) to make connection to other lanes/footpaths safer.
  • Need better signage to Berry Pomeroy Castle from the Village.

b) Bridgetown Residents.

  • Enforcement of traffic speed restrictions needed.
  • Local main roads at maximum capacity due to increase in traffic.
  • Roads are damaged and not repaired sufficiently.
  • More comprehensive bus service.

3. Environment and Open Space

a) Village Residents

  • The orchards are an integral part of the character of the area and must be preserved.
  • Desire for a community orchard.
  • Safeguard the Devon hedgerows for their unique fauna and wildlife.
  • Keep fields green between Berry Pomeroy and Totnes.
  • Need for permitted dog walking routes.
  • True Street footpath should be continually maintained for pedestrian safety and wellbeing.
  • The playing field is important for community and school recreation.
  • Pond area needs making more accessible with seating for the community.

b) Bridgetown Residents

  • Play areas in Elmhurst (Lower Weston) and Parkfield Close need conserving as green areas for community use.
  • Longmarsh needs preserving as an area of outstanding natural beauty.
  • The grass at the entrance to Camomile Lawn should be preserved for community use.

4. Local Facilities

a) Village Residents

  • Need for children’s play area with play equipment (swings etc.)
  • Central Recycling point beneficial
  • Safer access to Southfields Churchyard with car park.
  • Cafe/shop/pub.

b) Bridgetown Residents

  • Update Weston Hall
  • Add static exercise machines to play parks.
  • Shop/cafe.

General Conclusion.

  • The local infrastructure is overloaded with the development already in the area.
  • The increase in local housing is detrimental to local services e.g. hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, sewerage works.
  • Infrastructure has to be improved before more housing approved.
  • Local employment opportunities need investment.